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    Catombal Clearing Sale

    Saturday the 1st of December saw the sale of an icon, Catombal Pastoral Co. a massive clearing sale was hosted by Pickles Auctions to sell all of the plant, machinery, vehicles, motorcycles and other equipment.

    The mercury raised to 43 degrees and despite the shade we felt every one of them.

    That being said it was a great day at Catombal and the crew set up the cool room, our tent and the caravan and got set to feed the hungry buyers.

    Hungry they were plenty of steaks, sausages, bacon and egg rolls and of course cold drinks were sold.

    The day was a successful one and the the takings was just short of $4000 so all in all it was a great success.

    A big thank you to all of our volunteers and the extra help from Geurie Lion and the Mens Shed.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.456603391055447.94676.391397057576081&type=1

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    November Bulletin is Ready!

    September Bulletin is printed published and ready to ready!

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    Bunnings BBQ

    Another Bunnings BBQ done and dusted and a bunch on money in the bank, thank you to all of the Volunteers that keep making it possible.

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    Orange Lions Club Visit - Burglars Golf Day

    Well November sees the fruition of about 6 months of planning with Mick and the Orange Lions Club.

    From Friday the 16th of November to Sunday the 18th of November Wellington Lions Club hosted members of the Orange Lions Club, their visit was based at the Wellington Caves Caravan Park where they set up caravans, settled into motel rooms and took in all that the venue had to offer.

    Friday saw the first wave of visitors roll in and our club executive were on hand to meet them as they arrived. We all had a bit of a yarn and got to meet one another before we let them turn in for the night.

    Saturday saw the Orange club take the opportunity for a well deserved rest and an opportunity for those that wanted to take in some of the local sights before the two clubs combined for a get together at the Caves BBQ area which can be seen on this page. It was a fantastic night and I had the privilege of presenting a Monarch Award for 40 years of distinguished service by Lion John Brien, sincerely well done John for such an amazing achievement.

    Sunday saw the most keen of the clubs back up the following morning and dust off the golf clubs for a 9 hole social round at the Wellington Golf Club, the course was absolutely picturesque and in stunning condition.

    Well it turns our there was more than one burglar on the day and photos of the day can be seen on the next page.

    Thank you to the Orange Lions Club for taking the time to come and visit and planning is in its early staged for both clubs to converge on the Forbes Lions Club possibly in March to keep the fellowship and friendship alive and well!

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.441168849265568.91992.391397057576081&type=3

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    Orange Lions Club Visit - BBQ and Partners Night

    Well November sees the fruition of about 6 months of planning with Mick and the Orange Lions Club.

    From Friday the 16th of November to Sunday the 18th of November Wellington Lions Club hosted members of the Orange Lions Club, their visit was based at the Wellington Caves Caravan Park where they set up caravans, settled into motel rooms and took in all that the venue had to offer.

    Friday saw the first wave of visitors roll in and our club executive were on hand to meet them as they arrived. We all had a bit of a yarn and got to meet one another before we let them turn in for the night.

    Saturday saw the Orange club take the opportunity for a well deserved rest and an opportunity for those that wanted to take in some of the local sights before the two clubs combined for a get together at the Caves BBQ area which can be seen on this page. It was a fantastic night and I had the privilege of presenting a Monarch Award for 40 years of distinguished service by Lion John Brien, sincerely well done John for such an amazing achievement.

    Sunday saw the most keen of the clubs back up the following morning and dust off the golf clubs for a 9 hole social round at the Wellington Golf Club, the course was absolutely picturesque and in stunning condition.

    Well it turns our there was more than one burglar on the day and photos of the day can be seen on the next page.

    Thank you to the Orange Lions Club for taking the time to come and visit and planning is in its early staged for both clubs to converge on the Forbes Lions Club possibly in March to keep the fellowship and friendship alive and well!

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.441168849265568.91992.391397057576081&type=3

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    Orange Lions Club Visit - Social Gathering

    Well November sees the fruition of about 6 months of planning with Mick and the Orange Lions Club.

    From Friday the 16th of November to Sunday the 18th of November Wellington Lions Club hosted members of the Orange Lions Club, their visit was based at the Wellington Caves Caravan Park where they set up caravans, settled into motel rooms and took in all that the venue had to offer.

    Friday saw the first wave of visitors roll in and our club executive were on hand to meet them as they arrived. We all had a bit of a yarn and got to meet one another before we let them turn in for the night.

    Saturday saw the Orange club take the opportunity for a well deserved rest and an opportunity for those that wanted to take in some of the local sights before the two clubs combined for a get together at the Caves BBQ area which can be seen on this page. It was a fantastic night and I had the privilege of presenting a Monarch Award for 40 years of distinguished service by Lion John Brien, sincerely well done John for such an amazing achievement.

    Sunday saw the most keen of the clubs back up the following morning and dust off the golf clubs for a 9 hole social round at the Wellington Golf Club, the course was absolutely picturesque and in stunning condition.

    Well it turns our there was more than one burglar on the day and photos of the day can be seen on the next page.

    Thank you to the Orange Lions Club for taking the time to come and visit and planning is in its early staged for both clubs to converge on the Forbes Lions Club possibly in March to keep the fellowship and friendship alive and well!

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.441168849265568.91992.391397057576081&type=3

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    Landon Donovan Trivia Night Fundraiser

    Help Us Help Landon
    Many of us know the joy that having children brings to our lives. Parents will also know how much is involved in being a parent and how much you sacrifice, one Wellington family knows this all to well.

    Raelene Donovan, Raz as she is known to her friends, has 3 beautiful children Preston aged 6, Clayton aged 9 and Landon. Landon is now 2 and has had a rough start in his life, Landon was born with a number of medical complications, he suffers from chronic kidney failure, he is fed through a peg in his stomach and has had to have his urinary tract moved to allow him to urinate from his side.
    In addition to his chronic kidney failure Landon suffers from recurring crippling urinary tract infections, iron deficiency which requires regular iron injections, and a retractile testicle. Landon also suffered from a heart murmur at birth which has since resolved.
    Given the adversity Landon had had to endure has resulted in extensive costs and constant travel to be endured by the family. Given Landon’s various conditions he is required to wear 3 nappies as a result of how they have to be worn, on a normal day the family can use 15 nappies and they have to use Huggies due of the strength of adhesives.

    Landon will undergo a Kidney transplant in the next 6 months and his mother will be his donor, given the nature of the surgery mother Raelene will need to take time off work also adding the impact of the situation.
    Saturday November 10th 2012 the Wellington Lions Club hosted a trivia night at the Wellington Bowling Club to help raise funds for the family who are doing it hard at the moment, a great night was had be all who attended the trivia was challenging, and who would have thought throwing a gold coin next to a bottle of Vodka/Jim Beam would have been so difficult, hehe.

    Just short of $5000 was raised on the night which included a $500 donation from Wellington SES who stopped by to present the cheque on the night. WACHS have since given a donation to the fundraising appeal to the value of $500 and the club have also commenced a raffle at $5.00 per ticket in a monster prize draw where the winner will take all!

    The ,mega prize pack consists of a full size framed cricket bat signed by Andrew Symonds, A fantastic Wahu kids sports pack (consisting of a Wahu frizbee, cricket set, soccer set and a football), 10 Adult Tickets to Reading Cinema''s, A Contour brand GPS, A men''s JAG watch, a $100 Partylite voucher, $100 Bryants Butchery (Wellington) voucher, $5 Wellington Hotel meal voucher, 2 x 1.5kg Lions Christmas Cakes.

    One lucky winner will win it all and the raffle will be drawn Wednesday the 27th of March just in time for Easter! Winner will be notified by phone and in the Wellington Times.

    Thank you for those of you that have helped support this fantastic cause!

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.438719532843833.91502.391397057576081&type=3

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    2012 CWA Twilight Fair

    It was on again the smell of pollen was in the air mixed with the beautiful smell of cooking onions, bacon, sausage and steaks simmering away on the Lions BBQ hot plates.

    CWA hosted their annual Twilight Fair in Cameron Park which was well received by the community.

    There was a mass of local and visiting stall holders, a Jumping Castle for the kids, the PCYC were present selling delicious chocolate coated strawberries, and Melissa''s Cotton Candy were there whipping up snow cones, doughnuts, and the sugary favourite fairy floss.

    The crowd was entertained by a host of local country musical talents and supported by the crew at Binjang 91.5 FM our local community radio station.

    A great day was had by all in attendance and we look forward to returning next year for a great spring evening in the park.

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    Motorcycle Awareness Week - 2 Wheels to Wellington

    The roar and thump of motorcycles echoed through Nanima Crescent as many made the pilgrimage again for the 2 wheels to Wellington motorcycle awareness event held in the picturesque Cameron Park.

    Despite the bleak sky and the chance of rain there was a good turn out and an aray of beautiful 2 wheeled chariots lined the streets of Wellington yet again in an attempt to raise awareness for other road users of the risks to motorcycle riders when sharing the road way.

    There were a range of stall holders selling a range of different safety clothing, new bikes, and Dale from Robbo''''''''''''''''s in Dubbo was there selling a range of helmet mounted camera''''''''''''''''s to help catch the unforgettable memories that are created on 2 wheels.

    Again Wellington Lions and Rotary clubs combined to make the day a great success behind the hotplates with the order of the day seeming to be bacon and egg rolls which run off the shelf at a record rate.

    This is the second major event this year that Wellington Lions and Wellington Rotary have joined forces and it is a great testament to the two clubs how successfully and effortlessly they can work together to achieve a common goal.

    We look forward to the rumble and return of the riders to Wellington in 2013, stay upright and please keep an eye out for bikes on the road!

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    8th National Camper Trailer Group National Meet - Wellington 2012

    One of the biggest events and the biggest fundraisers this year was the Australian Camper Trailer Group National Meet that was held in Wellington from the October saw the fruition of a year of hard work in a joint venture between the Wellington Council, The Australian Camper Trailer Group and the Wellington Lions Club.

    In the lead up to the event there were a number of meetings in person and via phone between the club, the council and the organising committee to refine the finer details. It was a lengthy but very smooth process organising the numerous events and the logistics for such a large scale activity.

    On Friday the 28th of September the committee started to roll into Wellington with the first fleet of camper trailers, caravans and motor homes. As the committee set up camp they were greeted by members of the Wellington Lions Club and Sharon Toynton from the Wellington Council. Members of the Wellington Lions and the Camper Trailer Group organising committee sat together and kicked off the production of the 100''s of information and welcome bags for the happy campers. A fantastic and productive night was the perfect opportunity to forge lasting friendships.

    Saturday the 29th of September saw many of the visitors make the trip to Wellington and set up camp, the campsite started to take shape the fire buckets started to fill and the campers started to catch up on all the adventures since the last time they gathered. The weather looked like it may have taken a turn for the worst and it looked like there may have been a few heavy downpours of rain on the cards for the coming week. Luckily for all involved the weather would be on our side and would give us a week of beautiful sunny days.

    Sunday the 30th of September saw the Grand Opening of the event, in attendance was the Mayor Councillor Rod Buhr, Wellington Council Tourism Officer Sharon Toynton, Members of the Camper Trailer Group Committee, Members of the Wellington Lions Club, and of course the many members of the Camper Trailer Group.

    Mr Buhr along with, Ms Toynton and the Wellington Lions Club President formally welcomed the group to Wellington and encouraged the group to enjoy their visit and take in all the attractions and tourist services in the town, the welcoming committee thanked the group for choosing to to hold their event at Wellington.

    Councillor Buhr stated that he sincerely hoped that the group would take the time to provide honest advice in regards to the amenities and services available to Campers, Caravaner''s, and those that travel in Motor homes in Wellington, Councillor Buhr also took the opportunity to invite the organising committee meet with him during their stay to allow the council to discuss their feedback in depth.

    Wellington Lions Club President welcomed the visitors to Wellington and advised that the members of the Wellington Lions Club were thankful for the opportunity to host such a unique event with such a friendly group of people. He offered the hand of friendship and service to the visitors and advised the Wellington Lions Club would be on hand to help the group with anything that they needed during their stay.

    Monday and Tuesday saw the start of the information sessions, workshops, and the kids activities. Monday the happy campers were treated to an information session about solar, 12 volt and batteries, Ladies Craft and Chat, Kids Colour Sand Workshop, Cobb Workshop, LED Lighting Session. Monday ended with a wealth of knowledge being shared and with the kids having a great time working with colour sand.

    Tuesday saw the happy crowd treated to another day of educational sessions such as Inverters, Kids Biscuit Decorating Workshop, Camper Walkabout, and a dreampot workshop. So at the end of day two the crowd had sharpened their culinary and camping skills and had shared a number of colourful yarns around the fire!

    Wednesday the whatever saw the one of the highlights of the itinerary, Wellington Community Day, saw an action packed day planned with activities to satisfy all of our visitors.

    The day started with a breakfast cooked by the Wellington Lions Club that raised funds for the club to use with the local projects that the club is currently involved. Pictures can be seen on the next page. 100''s of hungry campers came through the doors.

    As the day went on a number of organised activities were held, including a regular demonstration by Phil Kirk from Kirk''s Reptiles that was organised by our club. This proved to be a massive hit with our visitors and the large collection of poisonous and non poisonous snakes were exhibited, Phil also gave a demonstration of how to administer first aid in the event of a snake bite.

    Many local stall holders set up for the day to sell both local products and local produce (page 23), there were stalls from the Wellington Men''s Shed, The Cupcake Shoppe, The Wellington Arboretum, Put the Kettle On, The Tomato Lady, Mick Stevens (Goat Soap Products), along with many others.

    Children were also catered for in addition to the regular snake presentations, there were two jumping castles that were lent by Colin Russell of the Real Hope Church, Colin has been an amazing support to our club and we are very thankful for his help.

    In addition to the jumping castles there was Face Painting and Plaster Painting that was organised by Maree Thomas who has also been an amazing support to our club this year and again we thank you Maree for your continued amazing work.

    The activities during the day were truly beautiful and all of our visitors had a fantastic time, a big thank you to our club and to the locals that got behind us and helped make the day such a success.

    Wednesday morning saw the Wellington Lions Club fire up the BBQ''s to feed the hungry campers. Some of the finest Bacon and Egg rolls were served and as you can see below the line went out the door as they poured in for their morning feed.

    As you can imagine, feeding 300 hungry campers there were plenty of tongs tapping and eggs flipping.

    Our visitors were in great spirits and full of energy (more than i can say for myself, fighting to keep my eyes open, haha).

    The amenities were brilliant and a massive thank you to the Wellington Turf Cub for allowing us to use their kitchen.

    It was a privilege making breakfast for such a great bunch of people.

    A great time was had and plenty of funds were raised to help the club support the worthwhile projects in our area.

    At the end of a fantastic community day there was one more event organised by our club for our visitors and that was the charity auction and concert. The BBQ fired up again to put on a feed for those of our visitors that wanted to have something to eat before the nights entertainment kicked off.

    The evening entertainment kicked off with the Wellington Town Swing Band having the crowd bopping along to a range of rat pack classics. The Swing band had the crowds toes tapping and singing along to the classics and put on a fantastic show for our visitors, a big thank you to the swing band for helping us make this such a great event.

    After a short break (and minus a band) Johnno Nicholson kicked off playing a range of classic tunes from the 60''s and 70''s which was a massive hit with the crowd, from renditions of Roy Orbison right through to an original tune written by Johhno there was something to please everyone.

    The charity auction kicked off with Rob Sanderson and Wellington''s own Farren Hotham put on a very entertaining show that had the crowd roaring with laughter and supporting this great event, a range of items both comical and practical were on offer and helped raised funds for the Wellington Lions Club, a big thank you to those that purchased items and an even bigger thank you to Farren for his assistance with the auction.

    Thank you also to Wellington Council, especially Sharon Toynton for her assistance and knowledge in the planning stages of the event, and the Wellington Lions Club need to acknowledge and thank Maree Thomas and Colin Russell for their tireless and invaluable assistance with the children''s events during the community day.

    Well, sadly after 12 months of hard work one of our biggest events, and definitely one of the highlights of our year came to a close, it was nothing short of a privilege to host such a fantastic group of visitors. All of our visitors had a fantastic time and were such a pleasure to deal with during the course of the whole event and we hope they enjoyed their time in Wellington as much as the town did hosting them. We wish all our visitors safe travels on all of their future journeys.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.435626139819839.90865.391397057576081&type=3

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    September Bulletin Released

    September Bulletin is printed published and ready to ready!

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.448259811889805.93268.391397057576081&type=3

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    Springfest 2012 was a new initiative this year, it was a combined effort between a number of organisations to add an event to bring the community together to enjoy local primary produce and to enjoy the beautiful Wellington spring weather.

    Springfest was organised with a combined effort between the Wellington Lions Club, Wellington Rotary Club, Wellington Council, Central West Catchment Management Authority, Mid Macquarie Landcare, Wellington Men''s Shed, and Wellington PCYC.

    The day went beautifully with a large range of stall holders and a large volume of items in the Men''s Shed auction, there was plenty of activities for the young and the young at heart; there was jumping castles, sumo suits, face painting, and creative workshops.

    The auction was well received by the public and many people went away very happy with the bargain they had picked up on the day.

    The organising committee are proud to announce that the day raised just short of $7000 for the Wellington Men''s Shed which will go towards securing a permanent home for this great organisation.

    The committee are pleased to announce that Springfest will be back next year bigger and better and there are already plans to include an evening aspect to the event.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.456591707723282.94675.391397057576081&type=1

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    2012 District Governors Official Visit

    Wellington Lions Club hosted District 201 N4 District Governor Lion Barbara Andrews for the 2012 District Governors Visit.

    Wellington Lions Club were supported by representatives from the following organizations; Wellington Police, Wellington PCYC, Wellington Rotary Club, Wellington CWA, Geurie Lions Club and Wellington Public School Principal Mr Denis Anderson.

    The evening was a great opportunity for fellowship between a number of service clubs and to hear the vision of the 2012 District Governor.

    During the evening a cheque was presented to Lion Donna Nicholson for $2553.10 which was the proceeds raised from the Trivia Night hosted by the Wellington Lions Club to assist her son Liam Nicholson attend a science camp in Jerusalem Israel.

    A number of Lions were also recognized for their long service with Lion with Monarch Chevron Awards, Lion Russell Nott (15 years) and Lion John Myers (30 years) were presented with their awards by District Governor Lion Barbara Andrews. Lions and guests also acknowledged the following Lions for their achievements who could not be present on the evening; Lion Ric Hiatt (30 years), Lion John Brien (40 years), Lion Keith Reinhard (45 years) and Lion Kevin Offner (50 years).

    Wellington Lions Club also welcomed 2 new members Lion Donna Nicholson and Lion Megan De Val were inducted as the newest members of our great club!

    A great night was had by all, the venue and the menu were exceptional as was the company.

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    Rural and Remote Autism Network - Broken Hill to Wellington Walk Celebration

    After 18 long days, over 800 kilometers and the odd blister the Rural and Remote Network team have made the long trek all the way from Broken Hill to Wellington to raise awareness for families living with Autism with a special focus on families who reside in rural and remote communities.

    The team departed from Broken Hill on Wednesday the 18th of July and have made their way through Wilcannia, Cobar, Nyngan, Trangie, Narromine, Dubbo and Geurie in their path to Wellington.

    The team expect to have raised $10,000 for the Rural and Remote Autism Network and most importantly have raised awareness of Autism and the impacts on families in so many communities and to many individuals along their long journey.

    Mrs Aimy Thorne, giving her speech at Cameron Park on arrival at Wellington stated the primary objective of the event was to gain publicity and to promote the need for improved services and support for families living with Autism especially those living in remote areas and with limited support networks.

    Peter Perry from Geurie Lions Club and Duncan Chapman from the Wellington Lions Club sold merchandise on the day, another way Lions have supported the RAAN team in their amazing achievement.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.404391469609973.83480.391397057576081&type=1

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    August Bulletin has been printed!

    The second installment of the Wellington Lions Den is now printed and available, copies will be distributed to members at the District Governors Visit on Monday night.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.405905956125191.83950.391397057576081&type=1

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    Liam Nicholson Trivia Night

    Saturday the 4th of August the Lions Club of Wellington hosted a Trivia Night at the Grand Hotel to raise money for Liam Nicholson to assist with the travel costs of his attendance at the Asian Science Camp in Jerusalem Israel.

    The night was attended by over 100 keen trivia buffs who were treated to a unique evening of trivia, games and various bonus activities.

    The night started with a knowledge test of various flags of the world, and was followed by some warm up trivia.

    Bonus questions were added between rounds and added a bit of lateral thinking to the rounds.

    In addition to the trivia there were a number of activities to earn the teams bonus points, the first game had the teams attempting to stack 3 golf balls on top of each other for 3 seconds, there were a few that managed to get 2, but no team managed to get the full point bonus for that round.

    More trivia followed and gradually increased in difficulty as the night progressed, then the teams were tested with a piece of spaghetti and had to pick up penne pasta with the spaghetti in their mouths and not using their hands, the crowd had a lot of laughs and some of the teams managed to collect the bonus points.

    The amazing work of the Lions volunteers saw dinner prepared and served to the masses, good Wellington sausages and beautiful warm pumpkin soup was served to the hungry trivia goers.

    The night progressed with more trivia and laughs as the next activity tested the teams ability to drive while dazed and confused with a number of teams picking up the bonus points.

    Next the teams lungs were tested in a game where they had to blow 15 paper cups off a table in 60 seconds using only the air from a balloon they had to blow up, again there were a ton of laughs and a few teams managed to collect the points and surprisingly there were a few teams that fell only 1 cup short of collecting the points.

    After a bit more challenging trivia and a few lateral thinking questions the next activity was ''''Bite the Bickie'''' where teams had to nominate a representative to try and move an Oreo biscuit from their foreheads to their mouths with out using their hands and without the biscuit hitting the floor.

    A lot of laughs were had as a number of faces and expressions were used trying to get the elusive biscuit into their mouths, needless to say a few Oreo''''s took the long plunge and hit the floor. There were a few successes however and some bonus points were added to the teams who managed to successfully Bite the Bickie!

    Throughout the night there were draws conducted for a number of prizes that were donated by some amazing local businesses including The Wellington Council, The Cactus Cafe, The Wellington Jewellers, Lang''''s Butchery, The Grand Hotel and a number of others.

    A major draw was conducted later in the night and the major prize was a full HD digital video and still camera.

    There was also an auction of a fantastic piece of artwork that was donated for the evening which was a portrait of Heath Ledger in his role as the Joker in The Dark Night.

    Wellington High School also gave a donation towards the evening and presented Liam with a cheque for $135 which was humbly received by Liam with great thanks.

    After a great night of trivia, entertainment, games the amazing crowd went home happy with many of the participants stating the night was the best Trivia Night they had ever attended which was a testament to the amazing work of the Lions Club, the Lions Members and the Lions Volunteers including the amazing work of Mrs Donna Nicholson.

    A big thank you to all that attended and assisted on the evening for making the night such a great success, the night raised just short of $2700 which will cover Liam''''s travel expenses and assist in his pursuit of his passion for science.

    Again thank you to all for making it such a great success and congratulations again Liam from the Wellington Lions Club on your amazing achievement.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.404388052943648.83479.391397057576081&type=1

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    Rural and Remote Autism Network - Geurie Concert

    The Rural and Remote Autism Network - Geurie Concert was held last night at the Geurie Memorial Town Hall and hosted a lineup of amazing local talent including Barry Dickerson, Johnno and the Cruisers, Maggie May and a number of other local talents.

    Funds raised on the evening benefited the Rural and Remote Autism Network who are almost home after walking all the way from Broken Hill to Geurie.

    Their walk will conclude at Cameron Park in Wellington at approximately 1pm on Saturday the 04/08/2012.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.403478866367900.83281.391397057576081&type=1

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    Return of the Wellington Lions Club Bulletin!

    After a long absence the Wellington Lions Club now have a new full color Bulletin in production.

    The Lions Den will be released monthly, the first edition, July 2012 is back from the printers and will be distributed at the Business Meeting 23/07/2012.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.398959170153203.81987.391397057576081&type=1

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    Macquarie Valley Mobility Fund - Friday the 13th Trivia Night

    Macquarie Valley Mobility Fund
    Friday the 13th Trivia Night

    Dubbo Macquarie Lions Club hosted a trivia night to benefit the Macquarie Valley Mobility Fund. 70 people attended and had a fantastic time raising money for the great cause.

    Macquarie Valley Mobility Fund Chairman Lion Peter Perry thanked those that were in attendance for their contribution and gave gave an informative description of how the fund operates and described those that had been helped by this great cause.

    Pictures can be found on the Wellington Lions Club Facebook page;


    More details: http://www.facebook.com/wellolionsclub

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    Wellington Times - Change Over

    New President for Lions

    Duncan Chapman has become the young new face as president of Wellington Lions creating a generational change at the club.
    The 32 year old corrective services employee rose to the job after one year with the service organisation.

    "I am confident we can have a bigger membership base and I have strong confidence in my board as we head for a big year" he told fellow Lions Club members at a changeover dinner attended by the Member for Parkes Mark Coulton.

    Outgoing president Val Smith thanked members for their ongoing work.

    "I wish Duncan and his board the very best and hope they continue the good work Wellington Lions have done in the community for the last 50 years" she said.

    Mayor Anne Jones commended the local club for its service recognising the Australian sector of Lions had been awarded world status.

    "Australian Barry Palmer has been installed as the international president next year. You have received the recognition of the hard work you so richly deserve" Ms Jones said.

    The mayor has also become the Zone 8 chairperson, the area now includes Wellington.

    More details: http://www.wellingtontimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/new-president-for-lions/2620602.aspx

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    Fellowship at the Forbes Lions Club Change Over

    Forbes Lions Club
    2012 Change Over

    A great night was had by all at the 2012 Forbes Lions Club Change Over dinner. Thank you to the Forbes club for inviting us to celebrate your incoming board for 2012/2013.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/wellolionsclub/photos

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    A Great Night at the Dubbo Macquarie Change Over

    Dubbo Macquarie Lions Club
    2012 Change Over

    A group of Wellington Lions attended the Dubbo Macquarie Change Over dinner at the Jacaranda Room at the Dubbo RSL club.

    We had the privilege of witnessing 2 inductees to the Melvin Jones Fellowship along with the incoming committee for the Dubbo Macquarie club for 2012/2012.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/wellolionsclub/photos

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    2012 Change Over Dinner a Great Success!

    Wellington Lions Club
    2012 Change Over

    Wellington Change Over was held on the 07/07/2012 at the Wellington Soldier Memorial Club.

    A number of special guests were in attendance, the federal Member for Parkes Mr Mark Coulton and wife Robyn Coulton, District Governor Lion Barbara Andrews, Mayor and Zone 8 Chairperson Lion Anne Jones, Zone 9 Chairman Lion John O''Donnell and Past District Governor Lion Peter Perry.

    Representatives from the Geurie Lions Club, Trangie Lions Club, Wellington Rotary Club, Wellington CWA, Wellington Quota were also in attendance.

    Pictured above is Lion John Whitely and District Governor Lion Barbara Andrews going head to head in the Great Cotton Ball Challenge. Lion John Whitely was crowned the King of the Cotton Ball with Federal Member for Parkes coming a close second.

    It was a great night and im sure all who attended will attest the meal was tasty and the entertainment, laughs and fellowship was plentiful.

    John Whitely took the gold medal and the prize basket for the Great Cotton Ball challenge which is pictured over the page and Lion Paul from Geurie Lions Club took out the Paper Plane Engineer and Pilots competition.

    A special mention must go to the competitive efforts of MP Mark Coulton as he was runner up in both events.

    Thank you to all who attended and helped us celebrate the work of our outgoing committee and the future of our great club with our 2012/2012 incoming committee.

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/wellolionsclub/photos

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  • December District Newsletter

    Please find attached the District 201N4 Newsletter for September 2017

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  • September District Newsletter

    Please find attached the District 201N4 Newsletter for September 2017

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    Save the Date — World Diabetes Day

    As a Lions leader, you know that our organization is committed to joining the fight against diabetes.

    Please host a club meeting on World Diabetes Day—Tuesday, November 14—or during our Worldwide Week of Service for Diabetes from November 13–19.

    This meeting will be a great opportunity to get your club together to share stories about diabetes and brainstorm activities to generate awareness, encourage prevention, and help people with diabetes get life-saving treatment. This meeting will be eligible as a Diabetes Education service activity.

    Soon, we'll be sending you a link to a special toolkit for facilitating your diabetes meeting, but in the meantime, save a date on your calendar and start talking it up among your fellow Lions.

    If Clubs meetings do not fall between November 13 to 19, then, organise an event the week before or the week following.

    Another suggestion is that Clubs approach a local doctor or nurse that specialises in Diabetes to attend your meeting as a guest speaker.
    Invite work colleagues and friends to attend the meeting to hear the guest speaker.

    Please send me photos and a short report on the function held.

    Lion Robert (Bob) Strempel
    Diabetes Awareness Chairman
    Lions District N4


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    Anne Jones OAM New District Governor

    Anne Jones was installed as District Governor at the Lions’ annual Cabinet Changeover held at the Wellington Soldier’s Club on July 22.
    The evening was attended by fellow Lion and Federal Member for Calare Andrew Gee, Dubbo Regional Council administrator Michael Kneipp and upward of 70 Lions from throughout the district.
    Anne said she was thrilled to take over the role from outgoing District Governor, Roger Thomas of Bathurst.
    “I’m very happy to be in the role,” she said.
    “Lions is an organisation similar to Rotary and other service organisations that raise money to look after the needs of those less fortunate than themselves.
    “They donate funds they raise to the various causes within our district, within our state, within our nation and also overseas.”
    Anne will now work together with the Cabinent made up of an additional 46 chairpersons of various committees to run the district which is made up of 50 clubs and is the largest area within NSW.
    “Part of my role is to visit the various clubs within our district for an annual visit to introduce myself and encourage them to continue the great work that they have been doing,” she said.
    The Wellington Lions are now getting back to normal following the excitement of the changeover.
    Most recent events for the Lions are barbecues which include a very successful one at Bunnings, Dubbo. A very cold start that worked into a warm day.
    Members will be barbecuing at the We Rock four-wheel-drive event at 12 Mile Creek Road (see Page 3). It is a three-day event and more helpers are welcome.
    The buzzing club will also be present to help celebrate Wellington Bicentenary at the Heritage Day, Cameron Park on August 19 but will meet before then on August 14 at The Grand in hopes of rallying more troops.
    Lions is an organisation that consists of approximately 1.4 million members throughout the world. This year the organisation will celebrate 100 years of operation throughout the world under the current international president, Dr Aggarwal from India.

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  • District 201N4 Newsletter

    Please find attached the District 201N4 Newsletter for June 2017

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    Future Lions Leaders

    The programme is now out for the various institutes being run for the next Lions year.

    Might I recommend that the attached be circulated as you see fit. I would be grateful if the District Governor Team and Zone Chairs cover these development programmes during club visits, zone meetings and at the next cabinet meeting.

    I would like to see each member of the DG Team and all Zone Chairs each have at least one Lion enrolled in one of the attached programmes.

    Now is the time for us to identify and encourage our districts future leaders to enrol. The deadline for the Lions Advanced Leadership Institute (ALLI) is not far away.

    These Leaders are the future of out district.

    You can access the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute & the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute application forms on the LCI website.
    The Regional Lions Leadership Institute forms will be available on the MD site in the next few days however I have attached a copy so that you can access as needed.
    Each of the application forms are in a Fillable PDF Format, can you please encourage applicants to complete and sign these electronically as it is so much easier to decipher than hand written forms that have been scanned a couple of times.

    Information on each of these will also be on the MD site shortly under “Members/Leadership Programs”.

    Advanced Lions Leadership Institute
    Dates: 5th – 7th September 2017
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Application deadline: 22nd June 2017
    The Advanced Lions Leadership Institute focuses on building the skills required to become leaders at the zone, region and district levels.
    Candidates must be Lions that have completed a successful term as club president, but have not yet obtained the position of 1st Vice District Governor.
    Application form can be downloaded at:

    Regional Lions Leadership Institute
    Dates: 23rd – 25th February 2018
    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    The Regional Lions Leadership Institute focuses on building the skills required to become leaders at the club and district levels, and having been a club President does not automatically exclude selection. This programme is targeting newer Lions & Leos who wish to develop their leadership skills for the future & who may be considering taking on a club or district leadership role.
    Candidates must be Lions or Leos (of adult age).
    Application form can be downloaded at:

    Each of the above Institutes are run as a residential institute and all candidates are required to commit to all days of the institute, attend all sessions and group meals. Meals and lodgings on twin share basis are provided by Lions Clubs International and Multiple District 201

    Kindest Regards,

    PDG Anthony J (Tony) Smith


  • DG Roger’s Message June 2017

    Our Lions year is coming to a close and I wish to thank every lion in the Clubs and those on Cabinet for your support during my year as District Governor. The year saw many enjoyable times during our club visits and, yes there were challenges faced, and the majority satisfactorily resolved. These highs and low are just part of being a District Governor overall I am very pleased and honoured to be your DG.

    I do strongly recommend that all of us to consider taking on leadership roles whether at Club or Cabinet levels, the rewards are there be it in personal satisfaction, increasing skills or that feeling of giving more to others.

    Being a Lion is giving service to others and generally when asked, a Lion may answer “we are supporting the community”. I believe that in helping our community we should be looking to the Lion working next to us, ensuring that we give empathy and ensuring that our Lion friends are being supported and respected. Meeting the expectations of the Club members and having projects that keep us busy will see a club that is having fun whilst doing service is a successful Club. If we demonstrate that Lions are enjoying life while doing the BBQ, it has the potential to encourage others to join, remembering also that “just asking” is a potent way of getting new members.

    When a new Lion joins a Club we should give thought to a suitable mentor to pass on our Lions knowledge. We can see what we do locally, but I have met a number of Lions that are not aware of our impact nationally or on the world scene. For instance do you know that LCI has a seat at the United Nations. Lions is the only service organisation to have a seat. This demonstrates the global impact Lions has earned. How do we earn this honour? The main answer is the submission of the monthly LCI Activities and Membership Reports. The complied statistics go to many places including the ABS and goes to State and Commonwealth governments. Please ask if your Club is submitting the monthly reports.

    Training Forums are being held throughout the District. It is vital to get the Lions information to the Club Boards and all Lions are invited to attend, you don’t have to have a Board position to attend. The forums cover the roles of president, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chair. The LCI On-line Learning Modules are excellent references and are available to all Lions (www.lionsclubs.org /MyLCI.) Face to face Forums allow you to meet others and to form networks that will assist when “that” question arises. Please try to attend a Forum, ask your Secretary for one near to your location.

    Being an informed Lion I believe allows us to be involved and gives us personal satisfaction. Not knowing and feeling left out has a potential to dropping out of Lions. A way of learning more is to attend our District Convention. The 2017 District Convention is at Wellington on 13-15 October 2017, please endeavor to attend. Ask your Secretary for details.

    My last Council of Governors meeting was held prior to the Hobart Convention. The National Convention is where we learn of projects in the other Districts and the future direction of Lions Australia. Networking and socialising with other Lions are also important aspects of the yearly convention. A Convention highlight was the approval of the “Will it your way” as a National Project. Congratulations to Griffith Lions and Lion Ross Catanzariti.

    WE are 100 years old, and we should celebrate centennial milestone with special celebrations in a public way. Let the community know of our achievements and how Lions serve in your town. So if not already done, please plan and conduct a special event on 7 June 2017. If this date has passed, please consider another date to suit the Club and Community. Remember we can celebrate all year long to recognise our Lions Centenary Year.

    DG 2016-17
    It’s great being a Lion - serving with compassion and fun


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    Hillston Lions Donate Wheelchair

    PHOTO: 3 1/2 year old Adam Taylor being presented with a wheel chair by President Hillston Lions Ross McLauchlan

    3 1/2 year old Adam Taylor who suffers from Mitochondrial Disease, his mother Jenny Matheison, Occupational Therapist Belinda Mud who organized and fitted the wheelchair, his father Ben Taylor and President of Hillston Lions Club Ross McLauchlan. The wheel chair, valued at $9,800 was a joint funded project between the Lions NSW/ACT Public Health Care Foundation and Hillston Lions Club. The wheel chair can be modified and resized and should cater for Adam's needs until he is 10 years old.

    More details: http://www.areanews.com.au/story/4669009/toddlers-rare-disease/

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    Will It Your Way Accepted as National project

    Ross Catanzariti has advised us from the MD201 Lions Convention in Hobart that Griffith Lions Club project,’Will it your Way’ has been accepted as a national project for the next 3 years by the convention delegates. Job well done and congratulations to Ross and President Brian Bortolin.


  • District 201N4 March Newsletter

    Download your copy of the current March 2017 District 201N4 newsletter by clicking on the "attachment" section below

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  • District 201N4's Convention October 2017

    Go to the link below for more info

    More details: http://201n4.lions.org.au/convention

  • DG Roger’s February 2017 Message

    It has been a busy start to the New Year with activities going on all over the district. This busy pace continues with YOTY Quests at Club Zone, District and State Finals. Personally I am always moved by the presentations of our youth and I endeavor to attend all the events.
    Our District Final is at Cowra on Saturday 18 March and this year N4 District is hosting the State Final at Forbes on Saturday 8 April. For an inspiring few hours plan to attend one or preferable both events, you will be amazed with the talent and community spirit of our young people.
    I attended the January Council of Governors meeting and of the discussions and announcements include:
    • Promote Lions Awareness Day 4th March and plan a number of community events for our March to April membership promotion. Perhaps a street stall, community breakfast could be considered.
    • Lions have been in Australia for 70 years and 100 years since its start on 7 June 1917.
    • The Lion magazine will be reduced to 4 issues per year in 2018
    • Secretaries please check that member details are correct as there are many returns of the Lion. If you are not receiving the Lion please advise your Club.
    • The MD Directory distribution and purchasing is changing, and information has been given to the Clubs
    • MD 201; the Australian Convention at Hobart 5-8 May 2017 is close. Please register soon
    • Those attending the Chicago International Convention, please arrange your tickets for the Down Under breakfast and Reception as tickets are limited.
    • Lions Christmas Cakes have new packaging, and there is a Centennial cake tin being introduced.
    • School Sound Systems for 2017 have been distributed. Put in orders for delivery in 2018.
    • Recycle for Sight – Please give the Christmas cake cartons to those clubs recycling spectacles. The program receives 130,000 pair every 3 months and distributes 100,000 cleaned, repaired, graded spectacles to our Outback and overseas. A great project and well done to all involved.
    Australia Day community celebrations events were conducted by a number of clubs, and a number of Lions received awards from their communities. Lion Ian Sutherland of Coleambally received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and Lion Darryl Fliedner of Canowindra Lions Club received the Cabonne Council Citizen of the Year. If you know of other Lions receiving awards please let me know so we can acknowledge their achievements.
    It is reassuring to hear of new members to Lions, but we still see Lions leaving for personal reasons that perhaps could have been avoided. My DG Theme in part is “compassion and fun”. The compassion bit for us Lions, being the respect, empathy and assistance we show to others. Here I am talking about retaining members but we do need new Lions and please remember that we are all advocates for Lions – please ASK ONE person to join you for a meal at the club. Our Club Membership Chairmen provide the ideas to recruit but need us all to join in achieving their ideas.
    On a positive note I have been working with Zone Chairman Mick Medcalf and the Lions from Cowra, Orange, Wentworth Falls, Bathurst and Bathurst Macquarie Clubs in a project to charter a new club at Blayney. I am pleased to say that at this early phase we have four new Lions. The next month’s recruitment will see if we can charter a full club or a Branch. I am hoping for a full club and this will be the first new club for a long while. I do wish to thank the New Club Consultant PDG Deyann McDonnell and PDG Dr. Phil Bower for their guidance and excellent presentations.
    “March to May” are the months when we concentrate on Membership Growth, with every Club throughout Australia encouraged to conduct a minimum of one pro-active club promotion and Lions Awareness activity. 4th March is a national wide LIONS AWARENESS DAY and I ask that the clubs show the flag by street stalls, a story on a Lion activity or a prominent local lion in the local paper, television, social media, community notice boards and face to face talking to name a few ways. There is a load of information on the LCI and Lions Australia Websites.
    Please think about attending the Australian Convention, the District Changeover at which Anne Jones will in installed as the 2017-18 District Governor and our District Convention in October.
    Have a great year filled with service, compassion and having fun.
    DG Roger.


  • DG Roger’s January 2017 Message

    My best wishes to the District Lions, their family and friends for a wonderful and rewarding year in 2017.
    I have been your District Governor for six months, so we are halfway through the year. Being a governor has and continues to be a rewarding leadership role and I am still pleased with my original decision to be your governor. Meeting our lions and learning a little of the diverse projects along with the personal abilities and skills available in our Clubs is something I find impressive everywhere I visit.
    Our lives are full of change and we should be open and perhaps challenge ourselves. So when an opportunity shows itself, be adventurous and give it a go. We have a wide pool of knowledge, skills and abilities that made our Clubs remarkable. The elections for Club Boards and some Cabinet positions are coming up. Perhaps there is a position that meets your passion and skillset, if you are interested, make the enquiry. For each position there is just so much information available from the Club, Cabinet officers and the Internet. The Internet on-line training modules may be for you, they are self-directed and you set the pace. Try the Lions International website and go to LCI Member Services. You will need your member number and Club Secretary can provide the number, or give me a call.
    Our centennial birthday is on 7 June, and every 100th birthday is special. Is your club celebrating and letting the community know of the service and support you give as local Lions and Australia wide through our Foundations? It’s our opportunity to do a special event or regular events with something extra. The Newcastle On-line shop has promotional items, and Lion Stan Pianko our district Centennial Coordinator may have ideas for local celebrations.
    The Centennial year celebration events are opportunities to increase club membership by having brochures available. There is a very good brochure that showcases our N4 District, each Zone Chairman has copies and further supplies are available from cabinet offices and me. Our 2017 district convention is on in early October. It’s going to be special, so best to get the diary out and book it in.
    I have only two clubs yet to visit and these will be hopefully done by March. Please note that I am more than willing to arrange an additional visit, just give a call and I will try to see you.
    In closing, please take care and give respect, remembering that all of us try to do the right thing. Sometimes we need to engage our empathy and perhaps ask more questions to achieve full understanding of a person’s action or words.
    Have a great year filled with service, compassion and having fun.
    DG Roger.


  • Lion Stan Pianko our new 2ND VDG

    Hi All,

    It is with pleasure to advise that the nomination of Lion Stan Pianko of Wentworth Falls Club for 2nd Vice District Governor for N4 for 2017-18, has been approved by LCI and he is appointed to the position.

    Our Congratulations to Lion Stan on his appointment.

    Dianne Smith
    Cabinet Secretary
    District 201N4


  • Darlington Point Lions hefty hospital donation

    The Darlington Point Lions Club made a generous donation towards the Griffith Base Hospital Renal Unit last Monday.
    The service club gave the facility $10,000 to assist with the running of the important services the community needs.
    "This is a deserving organisation," Lions member, Robert Guest said.
    "It is a basic necessity for the community and we all know the budget cut backs don't help. We help because we are a service club and it's what we do best."
    The club gathered the massive amount of funds together despite having a drop off over recent years.
    Deputy Director of Nursing Debbie Charles said the donation is essential to keeping services available.
    "If we didn't have our community and service clubs we would not be able to have some of die service the town needs," Ms Charles said.


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    District Governor Roger's November Report

    Hello all...
    Convention 2016. The Lithgow Convention is over and was an outstanding success. A big vote of thanks and appreciation goes to Lithgow Lions for the well planned and executed convention. Friday nights’ Remembrance Ceremony was impressive and moving. Then the “casual” party set the atmosphere of friendship and fun for the weekend event. The Flag Ceremony and the “Touch of Tartan” on Saturday night were highlights, and the speakers were informative and engaging. Associate Professor Jennifer Byrne spoke on the research by the Westmead Hospital team in eliminating childhood cancer. Lions are providing large funds to Westmead and other Childhood researching groups, and LCIF has recently granted a $2M research grant to Australian research. A first for any Australian research project
    Another keynote speaker was PDG Tim Irvine. Tim spoke on “Leadership” and using audience participation and storytelling techniques he pointed out the importance of effective leadership to club harmony and keeping members engaged. He also told of the training modules for Lions to become good leaders available from LCI Members Centre.
    The Story of Lithgow’s rich history was given by a local historian. Did you know that Lithgow was the site for Australia’s first iron and steel mill and produced 13,000 tons of steel for Sydney’s’ Harbour Bridge, the rail across the Nullabour and our first Shale Oil refinery.
    Conventions are for meeting up and partying along with learning of the projects we do in the District and what Lions do nationally. Hopefully we will see you at the 2017 convention at Wellington in October 2017.
    District Club Visits. A big thank-you to the District Clubs that have made welcome the District Governors team, your friendship and hospitality is appreciated. It is most pleasing when we are asked to induct a new member into a Club or have prospective members and community representatives at a meeting. These visits allow the DG team to meet with Lions and at times learn of new ideas for passing on to other clubs. Zone Chairmen’s Club visits and Zone meetings are vitally important in the District’s communication circle and I wish to pass on my appreciation for their work.
    Compassion and Fun. That’s part of this year’s theme. Here we are talking on the importance of “Club Care” having for example; respect for an individual’s set of skills and abilities and ensuring that all Lions have their say at meetings and have projects / jobs that they like doing. Keeping us engaged and our ideas acknowledged lead to interesting meetings. We need to enjoy Lions. As an organisation we can attract new members but we are seeing Lions leaving the Clubs. Some are Lions that have been members for a year or two, and it’s a shame as we need these very people with their fresh ideas, different approaches and energy in our Clubs.
    If you are concerned about a member, ask them how they are going and see that they are involved in an activity that they may have an interest in doing. We all have an interest to be involved and valued. Busy and friendly clubs attract new members.
    Late October I attended the Naming of the John Fensom Explorers Park at Hillston. It was a humbling to be involved in the ceremony that honours David John Fensom OAM; a Lion for fifty years, a Charter member of Hillston and an outstanding community and rural industry leader and innovator. Hillston Lions are to be congratulated for the impressive ceremony acknowledging John’s impressive involvement in the Hillston area.
    See the separate article on this webpage.
    DG Roger


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    Hillston Lions Explorer's Park Renaming

    Last Saturday 29th October Hillston Lions Club held a renaming ceremony for their park. The park is now known as the "John Fensom Lions Explorer's Park" in honour of John who passed away earlier this year.
    DG Roger Thomas and his wife Lion Licia were present at the ceremony.
    Photo is of DG Roger Thomas, David Fensom (John's son) and Sylvia (John's wife).
    John was a charter member of Hillston Lions Club and was very active in both Lions and the community of Hillston.

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    Lion Danny Vardanega - Griffith Lions member for 50 years

    At the Griffith Lions Club Dinner Meeting on 19th July, District Governor Roger Thomas presented Lion Danny Vardanega his 50 years of service Certificates, one from our club and the one from Lions International President: Bob Corlew. Congratulations Danny on a remarkable achievement.


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    Top of the line Lions honour for Buster

    Yanco Lions Club president Buster Ryan can now add quite the achievement to his name.

    Mr Ryan was presented with a life membership to Lions International during the organisation’s recent changeover dinner.

    Mr Ryan, who will return as president for another year, was presented with the honour by Ron De Martin, who is also a life member. During his speech Mr Ryan mention of his love for Lions and how he has been a dedicated member for 27 years.

    Helping Mr Ryan in the year ahead will be Sue Parker as secretary and Allan Stott as treasurer.

    Mr Ryan was hopeful of recruiting more members in the coming year. In the past 12 months, the organisation has been keeping “quietly busy”, according to Ms Parker.

    “Donations have been made) towards a new garden area for Assumption Villa, fuel money to the Burrumbuttock hay runners, Relay for Life, as well as helping to send children to Licola Camp and more,” she said.

    PHOTO: WHAT AN HONOUR: Ron De Martin (left) presents Yanco Lions Club president Buster Ryan with his life membership to Lions International.

    Article and photos courtesy of The Leeton Irrigator


  • Lions and Lions Club International (LCIF) are very active in the fight against trachoma.

    LCIF’s SightFirst program has awarded more than US$47 million to The Carter Center, a leader in combating trachoma. Since 1999, LCIF has awarded US$20.5 million for 26 trachoma control projects in Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nepal, Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. Ethiopia alone has received more than US$7 million in funding since it is the most endemic country in the world for the disease. “Trachoma: Defeating a Blinding Curse,” a documentary feature film that follows Carter Center staff, global health partners, and Lion and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter engaged in a comprehensive strategy to eliminate blinding trachoma in Ethiopia, is airing on American Public Television stations nationwide. - See more at: utm_source=blog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LionsBlog#sthash.Rm8e13lt.dpuf


    More details: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2015/10/27/trachoma-defeating-a-blinding-curse/?

  • Who are the Lions?

    Who are the Lions? Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization, with 1.4 million members in 210 countries and geographic locations, dedicated to making a difference. We serve where we live as well as globally. What do Lions do? Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. We meet the needs of our communities and the world, ranging from assisting the visually impaired and working with local youth to medical missions and disaster relief. What types of service are Lions involved in? Though well known for its successful initiatives in vision health, Lions service is as diverse as its members. We meet all sorts of needs, from assisting the elderly to helping victims of natural disasters. I would like to volunteer in my community, but why should I do so as a Lion? Lions meet the needs of those in their own communities as well as around the world, and we have fun doing it. Working together locally and internationally, the worldwide network of Lions has a vast amount of resources and is able to accomplish much more than individuals and small groups working alone. How do I become a Lion? If you are interested in becoming a Lion, contact your local Lions club and express interest in learning more. Visit BeALion.org to find a club and fill out a prospective member form, or visit LionsClubs.org to learn more about Lions. Find more key messages and other Public Relations tools on the Lions Clubs website. - See more at:


    More details: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2015/07/31/lions-what-to-say-at-interviews-and-events/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LionsBlog#sthash.cANRXdWw.dpuf

  • One of the best ways to promote your club and get the word out about Lions

    One of the best ways to promote your club and get the word out about Lions is to proudly display the Lions logo at your activities and events. This includes wearing your Lions apparel, hanging your club’s banner and handing out Lions-branded communications. But before you start designing your own Lions T-shirts and websites with an individualized logo for your club, know the correct and incorrect way to display the Lions brand. Below are just a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when designing an individualized club logo. Refer to the LCI Graphic Identity Manual for complete guidelines, including specifications regarding color palette, typeface, images and more. Don’t: Change the Lions logo by using unacceptable colors. Add text to the Lions emblem. Apply graphic elements to extend or layer over Lions emblem. Use the full-color Lions emblem for print or Web applications. Do: Use the approved Lions Clubs color palette. Consistent use of color will promote recognition and strengthen the Lions identity. Keep text clear of Lions emblem. Be sure Lions emblem is layered over other graphic elements, not under. Use full-color Lions emblem only for embroidery and other club supplies items - See more at:


    More details: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2015/07/20/lions-logo-dos-and-donts/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LionsBlog#sthash.UQj4znyF.dpuf

  • The Centennial Service Challenge

    The Centennial Service Challenge numbers are in: During the 2014-15 year, Lions served 40 million people through environment, youth, hunger and vision service activities. We’re almost halfway to our goal of serving 100 million by 2018! Great work, Lions! Here is the breakdown of people served by each campaign: Youth: 15 Million Environment: 10.5 Million Hunger: 7.5 Million Vision: 7 Million Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. Keep planning projects that make an impact, and don’t forget to report your activities using MyLCI. Share your Centennial projects by submitting a photo to LCI, or post your photo on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #LIONS100 - See more at:


    More details: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2015/07/23/40-million-people-benefited-counting/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LionsBlog#sthash.HR1lSRqS.dpuf

  • New Image

    Photographs of presentations made by Griffith Lions and NSW/ACT Save Sight & Public Health Care Foundations

    Following I have listed the names and details of each photograph and details of the equipment provided. Photos 1 and 2 . David, number 1 Shows myself Liam Trecasse and his Mother being presented with a Nicklas Free Stand Lifter costing $4995.00 purchased by donations from Fth. Lions, $2000.00 and Enable NSW Health, $2995.00 to be owned by Kalinda Special School in Griffith. No. 2 includes Griffith President, Lion Jeff Gardner on the right hand side.

    Photo 3 & 4 shows myself as a Director of NSW/ACT Save Sight & Public Foundation, Abraham Al-Jawfi and Physiotherapist Judith Young from NSW Health, 5 Is RM, Abraham & President Jeff while 6 & 7 show Abraham in full flight using his newly acquired Grillo Walking Frame. This was funded for the Kalinda School as well with the assistance of Gth Lions Club, $2000 and a grant from the Foundations of $1995.

    Both Jeff and I were astounded to witness the joy of both of these young Boys as they guided their new “Wheels” around the School.

    Please contact me if you require any further information. Cheers, Bob.

  • Centennial Service Challenge goal of helping 100 million people before the end of the association’s 100th anniversary,

    100 million is a lot. Ask anyone. So, last year, when Lions announced our Centennial Service Challenge goal of helping 100 million people before the end of the association’s 100th anniversary, people may have thought we were a little crazy. But now we’re happy to announce that in a few short months, Lions’ service has already benefitted 20 million people! This data, which measures Lion activities through December 2014, represents the first big step on the path to our Centennial celebration. Thanks to the incredible response from Lions like you, we’re on our way to achieving our goal! Lions serve. From the Worldwide Week of Service to screening the vision of children in their community and Relieving the Hunger, Lion service touches the lives of people in every corner of the world. Leading up to our Centennial in 2017, Lions have an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the positive impact of service by joining together to help those in need. We’re off to a great start, but we still have a ways to go. Keep serving and supporting the Centennial Service Challenge by visiting Lions100.org, where you’ll find info and resources to start planning your next Centennial service project today. Remember, when Lions come together to serve, we can change the world! - See more at: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2015/02/25/centennial-service-challenge-update-20-million-benefited/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LionsBlog#sthash.tS5O4OtP.dpuf

  • Barry J. Palmer Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation: fight against measles

    As a Lion, I truly believe that there is strength in numbers. There’s tremendous strength in partnerships, too. That’s why Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) decided to partner with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. With our help, Gavi has averted the deaths of seven million children. I recently represented LCIF at “Reach Every Child,” a pledging conference for Gavi, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. To help fight this deadly disease, Lions have committed to raising US$30 million to improve access to vaccines through Gavi. I am sure that I don’t need to remind you that measles is an extremely infectious disease. Every single day, 330 children die from measles. You can make a contribution to LCIF today to create a healthier, brighter tomorrow for the children who need you most. Thank you for continuing to fight against measles to ensure all children everywhere receive life-saving vaccinations. Sincerely, Barry J. Palmer Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation - See more at: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2015/02/26/message-from-the-chairperson-partnerships-extend-the-reach-of-lcif/#sthash.wCVbdvc2.dpuf

  • Enliven Your Lions Club – Sponsor a Leo Club

    Leo club logoLeos are an integral part of the Lions family. "Strengthen the Pride" and celebrate a global network of young people committed to serving others by sponsoring a new Leo club. Lions can make a positive impact on the next generation of leaders by serving as mentors and motivators for Leos. Sponsoring a new Leo club will enliven your Lions club and provide young people with an opportunity to develop as leaders. Charter your new Leo club in preparation for Leo Club Awareness Month in April and support youth development in your community.

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    Take Advantage of Membership Resources and Improve Your Club
    Mmebership resourcesWhen it comes to starting new clubs, inviting new members and keeping your current members happy, the LCI website offers all the materials you need to get started and improve you club. The Just Ask! Guide offers steps to recruiting new members, while the Membership Satisfaction Guide helps your club provide the experiences your members are seeking. Take the How Are Your Ratings? Survey to evaluate your club, and download the New Club Development Guide if you're thinking about organizing a new Lions club. View the complete list of Membership Resources available to help your club grow and make a bigger impact today!

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